Represents the location from which the flight begins. The MVCAppValueObject, MVCConstants, and JspFieldConstants classes are organized in the com.sams.learnweblogic7.airlines.constants package. From the database design, you already know about the airline, flight, passenger, and ticket entities. Represents the expiration year of the credit card of the passenger. The JSPs will form the presentation layer for the application. 0000002412 00000 n The model layer consists of a set of EJBs. For the constants of the application, you will define a MVCConstants class. The last entity bean that you will be designing for the application represents the ticket information after a user authenticates with the application and confirms the booking for a ticket. 0000004290 00000 n The PASSENGER_PROFILE table contains information about the passengers registered with the application. However, this will not suffice. Reply. vinot says: January 21, 2017 at 1:00 am hi, can i have C/C++ coding for this airline booking system. These two approaches are required because the application needs to persist data. Only registered users will be allowed to book a ticket; hence, while booking the ticket, the user has the option either to provide authentication details or, if not registered, to register with the application. As a part of your learning experience using WebLogic Server, you will build a simple airline ticket booking system, which will model a real-world, Web-enabled airline ticket booking system. After finding and selecting the flight required, a user can book a ticket. Represents the credit card type used by the passenger. Because Internet and web browsers are widely used all over the world, there is no need to train customers how to use them. Sams Teach Yourself BEA WebLogic Server 7.0 in 21 Days, The .NET Developers Guide to Directory Services Programming, Domain 1 Installation, Configuration, and Upgrading, Cisco IP Telephony (CIPT) (Authorized Self-Study) (2nd Edition), Systematic Software Testing (Artech House Computer Library), Lean Six Sigma for Service : How to Use Lean Speed and Six Sigma Quality to Improve Services and Transactions. 0000008922 00000 n 0000010401 00000 n The table structure is listed in Table 2.4. Next you will look at the detailed database table design for the airline ticket booking system. The airline ticket booking system will have some major limitations because you wish to keep the application simple. Conclusion: The online ticket booking process is tricky. The FLIGHT_DETAILS table contains information about the specific flights offered by the airlines. Represents the password used by the passenger to authenticate with the application. The MVCAppValueObject is the only way that data will be consistently passed among the layers. 0 For this reason, you will denormalize store redundant information of the airline entity in the flight entity. Now you have many Web sites from both third-party vendors and airlines offering anything from cars to cruises to vacation packages, with deal comparisons and what have you. As long as the user performs interactions that do not need to have a session established with the application, the stateless session bean CustomerServiceAgentBean will process user requests. BOOKING PROTOCOL . Reply. The table structure is listed in Table 2.1. >~�L�FA� -��"�,R?_�}R�? Represents the price of the flight on a specific date. Represents the time taken for the flight. The FlightBean entity bean encapsulates the result data of the search and provides methods to retrieve the result data. 0000000016 00000 n The FLIGHT table contains information about the different flights offered by the airlines. Bilal says: February 14, 2018 at 7:18 am Source code? Represents the time the flight departs every day. After either a valid authentication or a valid registration, the user will be prompted with a confirmation screen that displays the booking details and asks for a confirmation from the user. 0000008503 00000 n This will be the AirlineTicketBookingServlet class. The table structure is listed in Table 2.2. Hence, you will organize your application classes in these layers and will require additional classes. The FlightBean provides the actual services to retrieve the available flights, which the CustomerServiceAgentBean session bean delegates to the FlightBean entity bean. startxref Now, you will tackle the design layer by layer. xref 0000008756 00000 n After studying the requirements, you can identify the different entities involved in the application, such as the airline, passenger, flight, and ticket_info. Database design mainly realizes data tables and the relationship between data tables. x�b```b``�``2,@���� �98)��1�(�8 Because data will be passed back and forth across different layers in the MVC architecture of the airline ticket booking system application, you will define a MVCAppValueObject class, which will be used as a design contract between the model, view, and controller layers.


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