I am twenty. You're going to America for Christmas, right? I must go. Level: Intermediate Topic: Adjectives in the dative case (5) Instructions: Choose the right DATIVE form of each ADJECTIVE (which could be masculine, feminine or neuter). My older son likes fish. Note that the stress in the мой, твой, тот pronouns falls on the final syllable of the ending in the Dative: моему, твоему, тому. Privacy policy     We'll give them to the most beautiful student. Я хочу́ купи́ть пода́рки мои́м лу́чшим друзья́м и подру́гам из Аме́рики. (0236g) Names of people and places. (0381g) Урок 1. Мы пода́рим его́ са́мому спорти́вному студе́нту. Please, invest some seconds of your time in sharing us. How old are you (polite form)? Мне ка́жется, что он уже́ привы́к к вку́сной и поле́зной еде́. Misusing them frequently can cause serious confusion, and it sounds poor. We will learn the cases from this lesson. My brother is 28 (years old) to express someone's mood: Мне хорошо́ / мое́й подру́ге пло́хо: I feel fine / My friend is feeling bad. Да. The Dative case endings for possessive and demonstrative pronouns are the same as adjectives endings. Я подарю́ всем мои́м ро́дственникам по матрёшке. Приве́т, Сте́фани. (0814) Мой или моя. Мне тридцать четыре года. Сколько лет Ольге? How old is Olga? Level: Beginner Topic: Masculine adjectives in the dative case (1) Instructions: Choose the right DATIVE form of each MASCULINE ADJECTIVE. Мы пода́рим их са́мому хоро́шему преподава́телю. Russian grammar exercises Let's practise the Russian cases. Tomorrow is the final of the school contest.What will you give to the winners? 3. Below we will learn more about it. Probably they feel cold. It's about some phrases in the dative case with the preposition ПО commonly used in mass media. 1. All you do is add an у sound to the end of the word. Поэ́тому они́ таки́е серьёзные. I want to buy my best (male and female) friends from America presents. Recognizing Russian Names of Cities. To show the receiver of the action, most often an indirect object in the sentence. Моему́ то́лстому му́жу ну́жно худе́ть. Read the sentence in each question and choose the correct form of the nouns or pronoun in the Dative case. The two main prepositions are к(о) ('to', 'towards') and по ('along'). Verb: wrote; Direct object: the letter; Indirect object in the dative case: her; Intro to Cases: What is Grammatical Case? Поэ́тому я гото́влю ему́ сала́ты. Advanced Russian: Dative Case with Preposition ПО: Mass Media This video is for students who study Russian as a foreign language at the university. Also, I often cook soup. Like other cases, there are prepositions that require the following phrase to be place in the dative case. I am 34. Э́то мяч. Мне ну́жно идти́. Я уже́ привы́кла к холо́дной пого́де, но не могу́ привы́кнуть к ру́сским лю́дям. Prepositions []. Мне тридцать четыре года. Сколько Вам лет? (0372g) Palatalized and Unpalatalized Consonants. The only exception is the Dative plural of тот: те-> тем. Что вы пода́рите победи́телям? Are you already getting ready for winter holidays? (00364g) Prepositional Case of Nouns. Сколько тебе лет? Verb: gave; Direct object: an assignment; indirect object in the dative case: me; He wrote the letter for her. They smile so little... Наве́рное, им хо́лодно. My brother is 28 (years old), to say "I like, he likes, etc." !! Site map       Check how much you have learnt in this lesson: When you share our website, you're helping us continue with our project: developing free Russian courses for everyone. Today let's learn how the personal pronouns change in the Dative case. 2. It also seems to me. If this is not your case, we recommend you our Basic Russian Course. Generally, we use the dative case... to express someone's age: Мне 30 лет / моему́ бра́ту 28 лет - I am 30 (years old).


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