Is your little one’s progress and nutrition being evaluated by a pediatrician? My son Loves bananas very much, and was having it all thru the Found lots of black threads/worms in my sons poo and yes he had eaten banana for breakfast. I internally just changed my 6 month olds diaper and saw what I thought were worms! You can continue with the banana Sarwan, the threads are fibre from the banana and don’t indicate a problem. He has been eating bananas with his oatmeal, but just recently I gave him a real banana and not baby food. Thanks a lot Thanks for the helpful post. Thanks a ton Christine… I am a first time mom and my baby is about to be introduced to solid food. The color of your baby’s poop can provide many clues to their health. Just how you describe. I too thought that my baby had worms. By the way, we have given him a few bananas in the past in the USA, but never noticed the threads. ufffff im so relaxed now. Hello ladies...I fed my baby banana milkshake today...I saw black dots in his nappy just after 4 hours of eating it..ia this like ok ?? They said it was due to her eating bananas this afternoon.. glad for this site. Thank you! Thanks for the information. so do i need to continue giving her banana r i hv to speak with my HW? Thank you for the info. As a matter of fact, since this post was originally made, I’ve had ANOTHER baby whose diapers look decidedly wormy after banana – and I would say that the threads do appear brownish in colour at times. It seems this is a natural occurrence and I feel almost glad he had them in his diaper because of the fact. Phew! and they were squishy. Eventually we won’t see any fibers right? Wow! Thanks for the info and if you would like to see the picture I can sure send it. I too saw same in nappy after banana. Hello, i am also relieved after reading this because i’ve been giving my 11 months old son bananas since yesterday and noticed black tiny threads in his poo today. Lol – yes, it’s probably not the last startling poop you’ll see! As I was cleaning out his cloth diaper just now I kinda took a closer look. My son is 8 month old, since his birth he doesnot like milk even my breast milk. I know what my daughter eats all day. Thank you! My 1 year old just had a nappy full of these little black worm like things. You’re welcome. I’m glad it put your mind at rest. Banannas are certainly in the lead for the quanity of black “threads” but apples and peaches have created this as well with my children. My son is 4 months he hadnt been given bananas and had the blavk string in his poop this morning what else can it be from…..he usually gets rice in his night bottle and morning could that be a readon for them as well???? I gave my daughter just a small bite of banana day before yesterday. LOL. I was so scared when I looked at his diaper today it was filled with what looked like black strings and I never saw that before. My son started eating solid foods for the first time this week at six months old. Although I’d imagine black specks/worms are the result of the way the body processes bananas (and perhaps other fruits too), your doctor may be able to give you a clear explanation as to why this is so! just got home and changed my 4 month old daughter, and she has black threadlike things. We can also send a microscopic picture of these brownish fibres to anyone that is interested to compare. Also have noticed when I eat loads of green veggies, cabbage, spinach, etc and she nurses her poo turns really green. im so relieved bcoz my 10months old daughtr loves banana and i noticed the tiny black thread in her stool and thought it was worm. Just wondering how long will it last? It happened to my child today and I was madly looking for a worm kind of stuff. Thank you so much for this post! The color of your baby’s poop can provide many clues to their health. I was on the verge of a panic attack, I was examining my 4 mths old poo for hours trying to figure out how she could have worms!!lol. She loves bananas and I now feel guilty that I stopped giving them to her for more than one month. My 7 month old son had his diaper covered with this timy threadlike stuff and i got really scared. Almost every baby eats bananas, so of course it’s easy to blame it on them. Crazy! I thought it was some kind of allergic reaction! I was so worried when I changed my 6.5 month old ds’ diaper and it was full of black flecks! Thank you so much!!! There’s no need to stop giving them to her, Farida. Cheers She had banana first time yesterday and today her poop was full of black threads and I was worried. We paid S$200+ for it. Thank you Lana – our post now contains a link to your photo. I’m happy to hear this post helped solve the problem! Yes, they do this. I agree it’s strange that you’re only seeing this for the first time since he started the meds… perhaps the color of his stools has changed as a result, making the fibers more visible…? My little boy, Lucas, has had banana on a few occasions and always had these worm like threads in his poo, but never had them at any other time or with any other fruit. She’s having anchovies soup + chicken stock porridge now. We’re so glad we found this thread. thank you so much for this article & the picture! Hope this helps. thanks alot xxxxxxx. THIS AFTERNOON NAPPY DIAPER FILLED WITH BLACK THREAD LIKE WORM LIKE THINGS. i freaked out and am so relieved to read this online. What a relief. Now I noticed another post from: -on 09 Jul 2008 at 1:50 pm -Patrick- When I was washing a load of his cloth diapers, I noticed tiny black worm-like things and I immediately began worrying that he had gotten worms from our dog who likes to sneak him kisses on the face every chance she gets. Was there small black thread like wormy looking thing in your baby's poo after feeding banana? I exclusively breast feed my 3 month old. I’d guess it’s still banana fiber rather than a parasite – although only your doctor can tell you for sure. Thank you so much Christine. for the internet !!! just found black spots in his green colour poop. b/c his ped. These doctors are so dumb, they couldn’t tell me what it was, and asked me to come back after 4 days. Please let us know how your little one gets on. Thank you for this super useful and relevant blog/site, great to find! Thanks . But we’ve stopped that for a week now. Hi Lana, I have emailed you with instructions for sending in a photo – thank you. My son loves to eat fruit and yogurt but he doesn’t love milk or cereal. After this period of time, it wouldn’t be the banana causing this – however, other fruits and veggies may have a similar effect. She did have a little bit of pureed apple and peach the day before, and last week she’d had a bad case of constipation for which the doctor prescribed a small dose of a mild laxative (one dose seemed to do the trick), but definitely no banana! Whew. Luckily I found this article, the picture looked EXACTLY like what my toddler had in his nappy! Thank goodness i landed here. I calmed down completely, after reading this article and seeing pics….I was freaked out and never saw anything like this before not even in my first born. Thank you so much for the info and the photos. told me not to worry unless I see blood in his stool. Finding this article really calmed me down Now im not worried..thanks a lot. This is such a relief. Thank you so much! I know with my little boy that it only happens after a banana, he’s had pears and lots of other fruits and never had the worm like threads. Thanks again. @techiegirl23 Just checking – your baby did eat actual banana, rather than banana ‘flavoured’ cereal? Thanks for this information it really helped me a lot and relieve my stress about this baby potty issue. Michelle, has your doctor given you any idea what it may be in your little one’s case? I saw one of the mom”s post (Anna) with similar concern , she said she would update . Thank you so much!! I disinfected the entire house, got rid of my cats, treated the whole family with hook worm medication… Got lab results after 2 weeks, there were no parasites or ova. Also, when you say he has stopped his bedtime meal, are you referring to a milk feed or a solid feed? Unless your doctor advises otherwise, there shouldn’t really be any reason to limit bananas in your son’s diet – as we mentioned in our original post, two of our children had the ‘wormy poo’ after eating banana, yet our pediatrician confirmed that this was harmless. Jea, have you checked our Baby Constipation page? A quick look in baby books and a google search didn’t help much, until I delved 3 or 4 pages into the search results (and found this site!). Click here to see a photo of black ‘worms’ in baby poo. This has been really helpful, i was worried sick, thanks for posting , hi


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