Under all this stress the cockatiel’s nervous system eventually ceases to respond, and it quickly becomes indifferent to previously frightening stimuli. Helpful 11 Not Helpful 4. Expose your feathered friend to a variety of songs and sounds on a regular basis. Start by standing within earshot of your feathered friend and casually whistle or hum aloud the tunes of a few different songs. Begin each designated training session by serenading your feathery friend with a favorite tune, then let technology take over. Cockatiel Training Method 1: The first cockatiel training method is slower. As … I have two now that are about 5 months old so I am honestly not sure. Hatching Cockatiel Eggs. Yes, it is sad to lose a bird because it flies away. I just started to give him hard food instead of baby food just last week. While standing close enough to his cage that he can see your lips moving, sing aloud to your feathered friend. This method depends on giving continuous stimulation to the senses of contact, sight and sound but at the same time preventing the cockatiel from escaping. Model the singing process for your cockatiel. This should start to happen by the second day. I don’t agree with the second method. While a lot of people do it and it is a fast method, clipping a bird’s wings takes away a lot of what it has. What kind of baby food can I give my Bird. Turn Around. I tend to clip as I can’t take a chance, however I don’t clip a lot, so they can still fly, just very low and they glide down to the ground gradually without hurting themselves. Once this little operation has been accomplished several times you can remove the cockatiel from the cage. Keep the hand lower than the bird until the indix finger is touching the lower part of the birds chest. He is just 3 months old. Step 3 Cockatiels can be trained not to particularly mind being picked up in your hand. He will run away at first, but just keep persisting and eventually, he will start trusting you enough to let him stroke him and eventually step onto your finger so you can take him out. Different Colors In Cockatiels And How They Came About? Designate at least two or three periods per day during which you will be able to consistently devote at least 10 minutes of your time and undivided attention to helping your bird to enhance his natural vocal abilities. Smart Cockatiel. I just got a 5 1/2 mo old Bird -who had not been handled at all! In this way, I can at least still catch them before they get too far. Once it is used to being out of its cage you can allow it to step on top of its cage. Repeat this step at least twice a day over the course of a full week so your cockatiel can experience what singing a song is all about. It could also be the change in food, but then this behaviour will be temporary. I had a cockatiel about a year ago that I had had for 2 years and he could freely fly around the house and he would perch on my shoulder. I don’t clip my birds’ wings, and they make terrific pets, even if they are constantly flying to me or around the house, it’s still better than it being stuck on a perch all day. If you want to keep the bird for a long time it may be a good choice. So in that scenario, I wish his wings would’ve been clipped. Take care during the first few attempts, as you could attract a few feints with his beak to warn you away, but if you move slowly it is unlikely that it will actually bite you. Avoid sudden loud noises or movements at all costs. Try to get the cockatiel used to you gently cupping your other hand over its back while you carry it, and once it is used to this you will be able to transport it anywhere. Coming Out The Egg. Birds are temperamental pets. Male cockatiels are more inclined to sing than females, so working with a female cockatiel may require more time and patience. Never chase your bird, wait until it has landed before slowly approaching it. Amanda, I don’t agree with you. This process needs to be repeated again and again until the cockatiel settles itself on one of your fingers. The cockatiel must be kept in a place where there is continual noise and movement, like a well used room. To train a cockatiel to talk, start by bonding with your bird by giving it lots of attention and affection so that it feels comfortable with you. But of course- To each his own! Once your cockatiel is perched on your finger, gently remove it from the cage and once it is outside try to scratch its head with your other hand. But I also understand the rationale behind birds being allowed to be birds. Clicker Training. Something must have happened to scare him. Spend as much time as you can close to the bird, and you could even move the cage around the house with you. Try to make the seed of the wildest mixture to start with, so that your cockatiel will recognize the type to which it has been previously accustomed. Taming should be started as soon as possible after purchasing your cockatiel.


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