Cobalt Blue Discus. They still produce slime coat for their frys, I have to admit they're great parents. The iFISH Store. Red bred discus pricing in description . The iFISH Store. Description Description. The iFISH Store. I have this pair (BD and Cobalt), they're raising a small batch (30) but somehow they get this wound. The latter have many black cells that are essential in producing the cobalt blue color. Blue diamonds are solid everywhere from the face to the fins. Related products. The cobalt blue discus already existed in Germany in the early 1980's. Vendor A1 Aquarium World Regular price $200.00 Sale price $200.00 Regular price. A cobalt blue is similar to a blue diamond with the exception that it has striations, whereas a blue diamond does not. Beautiful Hand painted Discus 8′ rose vase featuring a Apricot Rainbow Discus, a Yellow Rabbit Discus and a Blue Diamond Discus with plants. 3 3.5-4" diamond blue snakeskin discus £25 each or the 3 for £60 2 4.5-5" red turk discus £45 each or both for £80 all healthy and wormed monthly growing fast... . Oct 1, 2016 - The Cobalt Blue Diamond Discus’ come from Thailand, Vietnam, and Signapore. Unit price / per . £30 . Regular price $ 24.99 $ 19.99 Sale. Blue Turquoise Discus Pair 8cms. Cobalt Blue 8" Rose Vase, Discus (Apricot Rainbow, Yellow Rabbit and Blue Diamond) quantity. SKU: HPDiscusVase2 Category: Vases. Vendor A1 Aquarium World Regular price $140.00 Sale price $140.00 Regular price. No worries, with the … Regular price $ 79.99 $ 69.99 Sale Sold out. Report. Anyway, I have to separate the frys and give parents a break. Regular price $ 24.99 $ 19.99 Sale. Discus | Gold Pigeon Blood Discus. Blue Turquoise Discus Pair 8cms. Back to Discus BLUE DIAMOND DISCUS OVERVIEW. Beautiful Red bred royal curapeau x red bred royal blue discus fish over a year old biggest is 7-9 smallest 3 . Discus | Cobalt Blue Discus. Red Snakeskin Discus 7CM . Discus | Ghost Discus. They may be derived from the Schulten blue strain or obtained by crossing wild royal blue with brilliant turquoise. GLD Blue Diamond: Gold Marlboro: Gold Diamond: Blue Cobalt: Blue Diamonds: Blue Snakes: Snowflakes and Leopards: Gold and Yellow Fry: High Bodied Blue Diamond : High Bodied Blue Diamond: White Butterfly: Spotted Scorpion Snake: Angle Blue Diamonds: GLD F-1 Gold X Melon: Gold and Yellow: Violet Reflection: White Diamond: High Bodied Blue Diamond: Blue Cobalt: Golden Marlboro: Gold X Melon … Add to cart. Sale Sold out. Unit price / per . 5 days ago. The royal blue discus available in the 1960-1980's came from the Rio Purus and Manacapuru. I can't get tired of watch it. Cobalts will often show striation as youngsters and may be more solid as they get older, but usually keep the striated pattern on the face and/or in the edges of the fins. Cobalt Blue Discus. Depending on the particular farm, the Thailand Discus are generally more colorful due to their hormone additives while the Discus from Vietnam and Singapore are generally more naturally grown due to their lack of hormones. They both take turns to do their things raising a batch of frys from spawn. Sale Sold out. Red Snakeskin Discus 7CM. Chichester, West Sussex.


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