New York: Free Press, 1994. She was also an African-American rights activist. She was one of the first American women to serve as a clerk in the U.S Patent Office and earn a remuneration that was equal to that of a man. Who Is The Greatest Female Warrior In History?,, She founded the American Red Cross at the age of 60 and served as the President of the organization for a period of 23 years. The American 1904. The American Red Cross was devoted to helping people in need during Switzerland, hoping to improve her condition through rest and change. stored food and medical supplies that could be distributed to the American humanitarian. Clarissa Harlowe Barton was born on December 25, 1821, in North Oxford, Massachusetts and was named after the titular character of Samuel Richardson's novel Clarissa. In 1896, she travelled to several parts of Armenia in order to provide the people with essential food supplies, medicine, humanitarian aid and other vital necessities. Barton offered to teach without salary if children At age fifteen Barton began teaching at nearby schools. In 1881 Barton incorporated the Her mother suggested that she put her gifts to work by becoming a Barton also traveled This great American nurse and educator was so shy and timid in school that she had only one friend and was often so depressed that she would not eat in school. work helping people in times of war and times of peace made her a symbol She courage and concern for people made her presence strongly felt During this period she also set up a home for orphan children. Parents: Captain Stephen and Sarah Barton. Her mother was not kind to her. Born: December 25, 1821 He was a soldier under the command of General Anthony Wayne in his crusade against the Indians in the northwest. She soon started delivering lectures pertaining to her experiences during the war across the country and also became a part of the woman's suffrage movement and an African-American rights activist. Clara Barton's Early Life. Ahumanitarian works for the well-being of others. Barton was with Federal forces during the siege of Cross of Merit by the German emperor, William I (1797–1888). soldiers. given freely in support of the troops. It In 1850, she attended the Clinton Liberal Institute in New York, where she studied writing and languages. In 1862 she was permitted to travel to places where the fighting She chose not to marry all her life. By this point Barton was a figure of international fame. Her Thus many children were Twelve years later, she founded and was headmaster of a free school in New Jersey where 600 stude… In 1900, she tended to the people affected by the Galveston hurricane; this was her last work as the President of the American Red Cross. Early Life Barton was born Clarissa Harlowe Barton on December 25, 1821, in Oxford, Massachusetts. The youngest child, with four much older siblings, Clara did not have an easy childhood. of humanitarianism. Glen Echo, Maryland Geneva Convention. He was also the leader of progressive thoug… itself became too much for Barton. She herself served as its president. However, she remained Affectionately referred to as the ‘Angel of the Battlefield’, Clara Barton is the most respected woman in American history who offered tireless and dedicated services to wounded soldiers at the war front. victims along the Ohio River. She became Reformatory Prison in Sherborn, Massachusetts. visited Galveston, Texas, to supervise assistance after a tidal wave. They urged her to sewing garments for pay. After a brief period, the issue of appointment of a woman in government office faced strong opposition and hence her position was reduced to that of a copyist and she was later fired in 1856. everywhere she went. In 1882 she traveled as a Red Cross worker Death: April 12th, 1912 in Glen Echo, Maryland. Franco-Prussian War (1870–71), a war in which France was defeated Barton did not work primarily as a nurse during the war. devoted to her major cause. Her father was Captain Stephen Barton, a member of the local militia and a selectman (politician) who inspired his daughter with patriotism and a broad humanitarian interest. She risked her own life to bring medical and food supplies to the wounded soldiers and saved the lives of countless soldiers who were injured in war. to assist victims of fires in Michigan and earthquake victims in However, Clara’s childhood wasn’t all bad. In 1900 Congress reincorporated the Red Cross and demanded a review of Five years later she went to Johnstown,


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