But it’s fruit confession time: I actually prefer pears. Chocolate and pear clafoutis The renovation and the move left me with no energy. Just not enough taste of the pear for us. Had two red pears on hand. When you are investing the time to make a quality dessert, your ingredients really matter. Add the flour, salt and cacao powder and stir well until it is smooth. Melt the chocolate broken into pieces into the milk for 3 minutes on low heat. May 12, 2012 - For some reason I have lots of pears/poires hence this week's recette uses pears.....et un petit peu de chocolat! Finally there was the long waited, special day on Saturday! Ingredients for 6 individual cakes: 3 pears; 150g dark chocolate; 2 eggs; 2 yolks; 50g cornflour; 125g sugar; 50g butter; 40cl milk; Recipe: Heat the oven on 180º. I’m learning my new way to work and how to solve things in cabinets. Pear Clafoutis may have a fancy schmancy name, but it’s quite straightforward. We treasure our favorite apple pies and appley treats. I added a scoop of homemade strawberry freezer jam, and it paired great with the chocolate! It’s a simple yet elegant dessert that’s layered with fresh pears and bakes up with a delicious custard center and golden souffle top. Not sure if they are milder than green which could have caused that. We packed our belongings and overloaded we crossed the doorstep of our new apartment. DairyPure Purity Promise. Perfect for date night or sharing with friends. Super easy and quick to prepare, with some pears to make this French iconic dessert even more decadent. If you are a clafoutis lover as I am, or a chocolate addict, this recipe is for you. Set aside. Today I propose a very simple recipe, a basic family dessert without fuss but very tasty with its fruits and chocolate. Clafoutis with chocolate and pear. Preheat the oven to 200°C/ 180°C Fan/ Gas Mark 6. Peel and core the ripe pears, and slice in two. For the clafoutis, in a bowl whisk together the eggs and sugar. Slowly I’m coming back to cooking because finally I have a kitchen! Might try again with green pears or another fruit perhaps berries. Also I never use the amount of sugar called for in any recipe and yet sugar was the predominant taste in this clafouti. Bake the clafoutis for 35-40 minutes, or until it puffs up and is no longer jiggly. So here we go for a very easy clafoutis recipe. Serve warm, as your dessert may flatten as it cools. And nothing is better than a pear and chocolate combo. Stir constantly. Then, add the melted butter and finish the batter by pouring in the milk.


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