Rice J. R.—The localization of plastic deformation, Preprints of the 14th IUTAM Congress (Int. Cell-based therapies, where additional cells are grown and introduced into the fracture, have thus far appeared promising. Asce State-of-the-Art Report onFinite element analysis of reinforced concrete, prepared by a Task Committee chaired by A. Nilson, Amer. Isida M.—Elastic analysis of cracks and stress intensity factors, Baifukan Publishing Co., Japan, 1976. Akad. on Fracture, held in Waterloo, Ontario, June 1977), ed. The bandages can even be made biodegradable to simply be absorbed by the body when healing has finished. A fracture theory for a heterogenous aggregate material which exhibits a gradual strain-softening due to microcracking and contains aggregate pieces that are not necessarily small compared to structural dimensions is developed. The applicability of fracture mechanics to concrete is thus solidly established. Bažant Z. 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The Habib group will be taking the bone-bandages into clinical trials and aims to develop the idea of the bandages concept further to improve healing in other organs and tissues. IC 24, No. transverse fracture The fracture is horizontal, and the bone can become unstable if the fibula is also broken. Bažant Z. P., Cedolin L.—Fracture mechanics of reinforced concrete, Journal of the Engineering Mechanics Division, ASCE, Vol. Cedolin L., Bazant Z. P.—Effect of finite element choice in blunt crack band analysis, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol. The calcaneoplasty technique we used entailed a fluoroscopic-guided injection of bone cement into the fracture line, which is commonplace in the treatment of vertebral stress fractures (vertebroplasty). Conf. Researchers at King’s have developed a material that allows transplantation of bone-forming stem cells into severe bone fractures and speeds up the healing process. After an orthopedic consultant performs a close fracture reduction or realignment of the affected limb, a plaster bandage is usually applied and must remain in place for a minimum of three weeks. On donne aussi une méthode pour déterminer l'énergie de rupture d'après les relations complètes contrainte/déformation mesurées. Evans R. H., Marathe M. S.—Microcracking and stress-strain curves for concrete in tension, Materiaux et Constructions, Vol. 1, pp. Petersson P. E.—Fracture energy of concrete: Method of determination, Cement and Concrete Research, Vol. 10, 1980, pp. MathSciNet  This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. 1152–1166. Publ. 99, No. Otd. Suidan M., Schnobrich W. C.—Finite element analysis of reinforced concrete, Journal of the Structural Division, ASCE, Vol. H, in press. 24, No. volume 16, pages155–177(1983)Cite this article. Mat. Google Scholar. Tax calculation will be finalised during checkout. Saouma V. E., Ingraffea A. R., Catalano D. 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H.—Behavior of concrete under biaxial stress. 819–842. 7, 1977, pp. 3, July 1974, pp. of Civil Engrs., New York, 1982. 6, 1976, pp. 106, No. Before the procedure, the patient recorded a visual analog scale pain score of 90 of 100 (worst score 100). 46, No. EM6, Proc. 4, pp. 1499–1506. Carpinteri A.—Static and energetic fracture parameters for rocks and concretes, Report, Istituto di Scienza delle Costruzioni-Ingegneria, University of Bologna, Italy, 1980. Paper 14529, April, 1979, pp. The fracture is modeled as a blunt smeard crack band, which is justified by the random nature of the microstructure. 434–444. Bažant Z. P., Ranula L.—Statistical stability effects in concrete failure, J. of the Engineering Mechanics Division, ASCE, Vol. 3, 1959, pp. On déduit des relations simples de contrainte/déformation triaxiales qui modélisent des déformations à radoucissement et décrivent l'effet de la microfissuration graduelle dans la zone de fissures parallèles. 11, November 1961. 1663–1676. J Bone Joint Surg Am. Il apparaît que la valeur optimale du dernier paramètre est d'environ trois fois la dimension d'un granulat, ce qui se justifie également comme le minimum acceptable pour une modélisation d'un milieu homogène continu. 853–866. 109, No. A method of determining the fracture energy from measured complete stres-strain relations is also given. On présente une théorie de la rupture pour un matériau hétérogène à granulats qui montre une déformation avec radoucissement causé par microfissuration et qui renferme des granulats dont les dimensions peuvent n'être pas petites par rapport à celles de la structure. 1947–1966. on Numerical Methods in Geomechanics, held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, June 1982, ed. Article  The breakthrough could lead to less complications, infections and poor outcomes for serious injuries. 15704, September, 1980, pp. Kachanov L. M.—Time of rupture process under creep conditions, Izv. Sir Henry Dale Fellow and Principal Investigator, King's College London Entov V. M. Yagust V. I.—Experimental investigation of laws geovering quasi-static development of macrocracks in concrete, Mechanics of Solids (translation from Russian), Vol. 179–191. Paper 8905, May, 1972, pp. Current methods to repair bone is to use synthetic implants or donor tissue – where bone is taken from elsewhere in the body – to repair the break. Active Member of RILEM Professer of Civil Engineering and Director, ST9, Paper No. 10, 1980, pp. Conference in Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMIRT), Chicago, Aug. 1983,Vol.


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