If you plan to work overseas, you may need to register with the local government and provide evidence of your right to practice elsewhere in the world. This job also requires the ability to quickly learn and follow a country's laws, geographic-specific diseases, and general challenges. How to become a travel nurse. Keep in mind that each of these countries has different policies regarding work visas, as well as licensing issues related to working as a nurse. A recruitment agency will connect your specific skills with the best opportunities that match your needs, from areas of work to locations and salaries. International travel nurse: Along with travel nursing jobs across America, there are also opportunities for international nursing in destinations such as Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. See the world by taking an assignment outside of the U.S. as an O’Grady Peyton International nurse. These assignments are usually longer—often one to two years—and typically require you to … Becoming an RN is competitive and takes anywhere between two to four years depending on your program and place of study. 10. A: The primary qualifications for becoming an international travel registered nurse include a nursing license and a willingness to travel. The easiest way to become a travel nurse is to sign up to a specialist nursing agency. International Travel Nursing For nurses who want to see the world while they work If you are a nurse and wish to see the world, you are very lucky. To become a travel nurse, one must first attend a nursing school and earn, at minimum, a degree as a registered nurse (RN). Related resource: Travel Nursing: Where to Be a Nurse Abroad. Advanced practice nurses , such as CRNAs and nurse-midwives, are also able to apply for international travel opportunities. A: The primary qualifications for becoming an international travel nurse are functionally identical to the requirements for becoming any other kind of nurse: graduating from a nursing program and passing the national exam. Explore more of the country by joining our exciting travel nurse program and choose from 13-week or longer assignments anywhere in the United States. Travel nursing internationally - or plain travel nursing in the US - has become big business with lots of opportunities. Some travel nursing companies will require that you have a few years of experience in a specified field before you begin. Canada International travel nursing Karel describes to the Nurse.Org community about her experience as an American nurse in Australia: how she got there, the differences and similarities, the various patient populations, the challenges, and wonders. Become a permanent employee of your assigned hospital. Here are 10 possible locations for a nurse abroad, five in the industrialized world and five that desperately need nurses.


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