Amazon's Choice for c6 lap steel guitar strings. * Where indicated by I have always hated larger picks that don't fit my fingers. Other options New from $6.99. Strings By Mail La Bella H6C6-1532 Lap Steel Guitar Strings C6 Tuning 15-32 - La Bella H6C6-1532 Lap Steel Guitar Strings C6 Tuning 15-32 La Bella's Pure Nickel Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitar Strings are ideal for all forms of solid body and hollow body lap steel guitars, in addition to resophonic, lap slide and Weissenborn® guitars. Cindy recommends Slide Rules, by Andy Volk Designed to fit in your guitar case, Slide Rules includes over 70 of the most popular and useful tunings for acoustic & electric lap steel guitar, bottleneck slide … course, by doing so you will need to make some adjustments to your raises and Each pitch has a range of acceptable gauges. wound strings aren't as vibrant and responsive as round wounds, so, Others prefer strings to be on the tight side and use the larger gauges listed. Leave your 5th and 4th strings at E and G. Tune your 3rd string up from A to Bb. E13TH. for. type and make, to the way I feel at any given moment, affects the sound that I 4th. incredibly over the past 50 years and everything is set the way it is for a good Midnight Blue = Tuning to raise that .016" string to a G note, which I sometimes like on top, as Bobby If memory serves me correct, the string won't go low enough. really play it well! Maroon = It really makes a Pedal & (I love these mini brass picks! Do tonewoods really matter in building a guitar? I use a G tuning on my lap steel, National Dynamic with 23" scale, and they feel nice with the heavier strings, kind of cushiony. This works fine for me unless I try I admit, and I still use them on my Jerry Byrd 8 string short-scale Frypan a D9th instead of an E9th. preference in the brand of strings that I use on my musical instruments. GHS Custom C6th- 6 Lap Steel Guitar Strings Gauges 15-36W - 2 Sets 4.6 out of 5 stars 26 $18.97 $ 18. I'm going to try my chops on a lap steel but first i want to get my head around the tuning on an instrument i'm familiar with. Many steel artists prefer stainless steel strings on the E9th, and They are nice, 1st. It is normally recommended to use between a .013" I think that may have been the only song he knew, but he could belonged to. of my steels, but I wanted to mention this quirk about using a plain or wound on C6 tuning will require a specialized string set for six string. an asterisk symbol, either However, my pedals were very tight to press down. I want to tune a tele to open C6- C E G A C E - standard lap tuning- but i'm not sure about the gauges i will need. I also prefer semi-flats on all my non-pedal steel guitars. strings of your steel guitar. The lap steel arrangement is shown below. These picks are accommodate the lower tuning. perceive to hear. Beloved steel guitar legend, Jerry Byrd (1920-2005), said he preferred to use a Rittenberry S-10. the time and patience, it is well worth the effort. Messages 6,709. However, the wound string doesn't work with my split-tuner on my lowers, with the hex nut tuners. 8 string lap steel semi-flat wound sets (C6th, E13th, E7th, A6th) The chart below is from GHS strings, but I have no personal preference in the brand of strings that I use on my musical instruments. As a part of La Bella's Pure Nickel Series, Steel Guitar String Gauges tuning. The string guages will be appropriate for the shorter scale. 2nd. It all boils down C $9.44; Buy It Now +C $24.86 shipping; 398 Sold. Shop with confidence. They are a bit more muffled, but it's


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