Why You Should Soak Seeds Before Planting. If you direct seed outdoors, wait for soil temps to reach 65°F. Buy some extra seed so it will all match and you can reseed any bare spots. I think I understand why, since the seed needs to soak up 30 some percent its weight in water before it starts to germinate. If you've grown sweet pea seeds before you will probably have heard that you should soak your seeds. The germination process is hastened by soaking seeds before planting. If it drains quickly, it repeats the process several times because the soil may be completely dried out. You will soak the pepper seeds for 48 hours. I don't want to say every article, blog, or book you read on growing cilantro from seed says to pre-soak the seed. Life is not gentle on seeds. The weather can be hot or cold, wet or dry, or your seed may live in a bird or small animal’s stomach for a while. Amaranth seeds are small, so sprinkle them onto prepared soil and top with a thin layer of earth. This study also suggests that increasing the moisture content slightly before planting may also have an advantage. Dry Soil vs Wet Soil. But, we are gentle with the seeds. If you are not planting the seeds and you get the plants instead, here’s what you need to do. Tomato seeds will soak for only 2 hours, so you can soak them the day you will continue on to the next step in the process. That trick is soaking cilantro seed before sowing it either in the ground or tray. The challenge with seeds is waiting for them to sprout--it seems to take forever. Soaking sweet pea seeds is supposed to soften the tough outer skin so that the seed can germinate more easily. Germination Time. Indoors, plant seeds one-fourth of an inch deep and keep moist. If you are going to soak seeds, soak them warm. But the vast majority suggest soaking the seed 8- to 24-hours before planting. Be sure you have your identification tag underneath the container. With clay type of soils, this process may take more time. You can start them inside 6-8 weeks before the last frost or direct seed outside once the danger of frost has passed. Planting Amaranth. BUT, some experts will say that soaking will reduce the germination. In nature, seeds encounter different conditions. I have heard of old timers soaking corn seeds and such before planting. LIKE anything else read the instructions if it is 5 pounds per 1,000 sq foot 10 pounds will just cost you more and some of the extra seed will simply choke out your new lawn with too many plants competing before they mature to full size. As to seed being washed out. Dig holes that are double the size of the rootball, and fill the hole with water and allow the water to drain down the hole. Some seeds require darkness and others need light. And... you've probably also heard that you should not soak your seeds. Seeds are less expensive, and the variety is greater with seeds from a catalog than buying plants from a big box store or nursery. Seeds need warmth and water to sprout. The reference above from West Coast Seeds was the only one I found that mentioned wet soil.


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