One of the major goals of the original “Babydoll” Southdown Registry (Olde English “Babydoll” Southdown Sheep Registry) was to return the original breed to England where the little sheep had been extinct for over 50 years. We love to communicate and share our joy of babydoll sheep! The handling facilities and feed are not as costly as with larger breeds. They leave the grounds well groomed and fertilize the soil as they graze. Any feed, salt or mineral block that has copper in it must be keep out of reach of any sheep. The term Foundation Flock is still used to refer to this original pool of sheep. Fax 785-456-8599 In general, they are cared for like any other sheep which includes worming, hoof trimming, shearing, and vaccination. To distinguish these small sheep from the larger modern-era Southdown, Mr. Mock named them “Olde English Babydoll Southdowns.” To keep this line pure, a registry was formed. [ MEMBERSHIP ] They have been used with great success in wine vineyards as well as fruit and berry orchards since they will not harm the fruits, girdle trunks of trees, or harm shrubs. Feed, salt and mineral blocks are important for good health but you must make sure you do not give any sheep copper. All Rights Reserved Babydoll Southdown’s are great for wool, pets, weeders, and companion animals they are extremely social little sheep and they love attention This give their new friends an opportunity to say hi without it being overwhelming to the Babydoll sheep. BABYDOLL SOUTHDOWN SHEEP has 2,682 members. In general, they are cared for like any other sheep which includes worming, hoof trimming, shearing, and vaccination. [ Inbreeding Coefficient Calculator ] Finding them proved to be difficult. Each sheep’s registration application was passed before a board of three members of the Breed Association. Their popularity grew and later declined in nearly the same pattern that had occurred in England. -- We have some updates!! we have around 20 breeders. We are non profit organization set up to continue the breed standards and pedigrees originally set in place for Not to be confused with the Olde English 'Babydoll' Southdown sheep. Subsequently, the process of registering lambs from this original foundation flock began. However in December 2018, the fantastic opportunity to actually purchase the whole historic Hillgrove Southdown Stud near Kyneton, Victoria arose. These little “Babydoll” sheep make excellent companions for the young, elderly, and disabled. They thrive on companionship and must be with their own kind or another breed of sheep or goat. INSTAGRAM! Welcome to the North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association also known as NABSSAR. [ MEMBER DIRECTORY ], Welcome to the Babydoll Southdown Sheep Breeders Association for Olde English Babydoll Southdowns, Ewe gestation breeding chart The small Southdown could not satisfy the consumer demand for larger meat cuts. Zazzle shop! The ewes are very good mothers, often raising twins and triplets with ease. [ PEDIGREE DATABASE login ] “Babydolls” require the same care as other sheep breeds such as hoof trimming, worming, vaccinations, and yearly shearing. [ GALLERY ] Sandra Self 289 likes. Miniature Southdowns, Old World Southdown, Babydolls, or simply “the sheep that smile”. Hosting by MNWS. 305 Lincoln Street The “Babydoll” woolly teddy bear face will always give you a smile. Now you can purchase items with our adorable babydoll southdown logo from Zazzle!, Site Map A Babydoll Southdown is what you need! [ HOME ] Phone 785-456-8500 They provide organic weeding and make excellent companion animals and are also a sound investment opportunity. Because of their strong flocking instinct “Babydolls” do not do well as singles. After a four-year search, two small flocks totaling 26 sheep were located; however, this group would not be able to provide a sustainable gene pool. After further extensive searching, a total of 350 of these miniature sheep were located. Due to this fact, lambs should only be sold in pairs if the buyer does not already have companions for their lamb. One of the oldest of the English breeds of sheep is the Southdown, originating on the South Down hills of Sussex County, England. Babydoll Southdown sheep bred locally sold only for pets and for breeding. Their short legs along with their small size allows them the ability to do well in small areas. 2018-2020 © Babydoll Southdown Sheep Breeders Association PO Box 231, Lincoln - Wamego, KS 66547, Babydoll Southdown Sheep Breeders Association. Many of them still carried their original Southdown registration papers. This website is about our Association Registry and the sheep … “Babydoll” fleece generally runs in the 19 to 22 micron range, which puts the fleece in the class of cashmere. Their gentle nature makes them a joy to own, and their diminutive size makes them an excellent choice for 4-H projects. Shelter can be minimal, except at lambing time. It is wise to introduce them gradually to other livestock by putting them in separate paddocks when they first arrive to their new home. Both ewes and rams are polled (have no horns) and are non-aggressive by nature. More members After this initial review and acceptance period, the “Foundation Flock” registry was closed in 1991. [ BREED STANDARD ] By the end of the World War II, the demand for larger cuts of meat had almost forced the breed into extinction. Babydoll Southdown Sheep. Their calm, docile disposition has a soothing effect on other livestock. Babydoll fleece also has more barbs per inch than any other wool type, making it ideal for blending with other fibers. Feed, salt and mineral blocks are important for good health but you must make sure you do not give any sheep copper. This was a significant factor in the development and mass production of the larger, leggier Southdown of today. This divergence from the original breed standards was the beginning of what would later become two distinct lines: The Southdown and the miniature (or original) Southdown. preservation of the breed, all while additionally keeping the members informed, included and involved each step of the way. Only adults two years and older were accepted so that they could be judged against the original conformation standards as verified by a veterinarian. [ Toxic Plant List ] All registrations, transfers & memberships are through this office. Weeding trials were sponsored and monitored by the association, utilizing “Babydolls” as organic weeders. Olde English “Babydoll” Southdowns are outstanding pets who produce wool that is a hand spinner’s delight. These small sheep were know for their extreme hardiness and produced meat with unmatched tenderness and flavor then any other breed of sheep.


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