You can begin "picky-proofing" when baby begins eating solid foods. All 7 of the tested rice cereals contained high Cadmium levels exceeding the CR limit of 1ppb. Apple, grape and other juices are a significant source of heavy metals for children, not because the levels are as high as rice products, Houlihan said, but because children drink so much juice. The baby cereal winner with the lowest overall Arsenic, Lead and Cadmium levels is the HappyBABY Oatmeal Baby Cereal, Organic Whole Grains. The vegetable puree winner with the lowest overall Arsenic, Lead and Cadmium levels is Gerber Pea Sitter (Stage 2). There's no recommendations anymore on what you have to start with, stressed pediatrician Dr. Tanya Altmann, author of "What to Feed Your Baby.". "What I recommend is to steam the vegetables, puree them, and cool them in small glass containers, then freeze. One of the reasons exposures add up dangerously for infants is the lack of variety in their diet. We need the FDA to speed up developing guidelines on safety standards for these toxic metals. Take your child regularly to the farmers' market to see and touch new temptations. The HBBF conducted a study to test for 4 different toxic heavy metals in 61 baby food brands and 168 different food and formula products. All four of the heavy metals they tested are neurotoxic. Then pour it off before serving. Overall, organic baby formulas tend to show lower levels of heavy metals. Lowest levels were generally string bean, pea, and squash purees. "Going organic does reduce pesticide exposures, which is a big benefit, but it doesn't do much when it comes to heavy metals," Houlihan said. One fourth of the foods contained all four heavy metals. Arsenic, lead and mercury have all been shown to interfere with brain development and cause permanent IQ reductions in children. Then you can kind of pop them out and put them into bigger containers if you like.". ", Even in the trace amounts found in food, toxic metals can erode a child's IQ, cause developmental and behavior problems, and impact kidneys and liver, according to the. "There's not a certain color order," Altmann said. "And companies can do all that, now, voluntarily.". Because the milling process used to create white rice removes the outer layers, where much of the arsenic concentrates, white rice has less arsenic than brown and wild rice. "When you do the math, which we did on the impact on IQ from these foods, juices are way up at the top," Houlihan said. "And that's because children consume so much -- 80% of families serve juice to their toddlers and three quarters of those serve it daily. She also suggests playing with food, such as using beans in a tic-tac-toe game. Five of the 11 tested non-rice (oatmeal or multi-grain) baby cereals contained high Arsenic levels exceeding the HBBF limit of 25ppb. I suggest adding almond butter and peanut butter to the oatmeal for extra nutrition.". All tested products had very low Mercury levels. The fruit puree winners with the lowest overall Arsenic, Lead and Cadmium levels were the Beech-Nut and Gerber Banana purees (Stage 2). Young children, especially babies, are at highest risk says the FDA, because their brains and organs aren't fully developed, their intestinal absorption of toxic elements is higher and their food intake to body weight is greater. So they are in the foods you would buy in the produce section of your grocery store," Houlihan said. 1968 S. Coast Hwy, #1103, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. But the report does not recommend bottled water: "Bottled water is no safer than filtered tap water and generates plastic waste that is easily avoided by choosing tap water.". If you ever have any questions, we are always available to chat on, HappyBABY Oatmeal Baby Cereal, Organic Whole Grains, Beech-Nut and Gerber Banana purees (Stage 2), Gerber Good Start Gentle HM-O and Probiotics Infant Formula with Iron (Stage 1), Glyphosates found in oatmeal-based baby foods, Full List of Kids Foods Containing Cancer-causing Herbicide, Peanut Allergies: Research Links Early Exposure to Outcomes. "I have not been recommending rice cereal as a first food for many years, because I prefer babies eat whole grains with more nutrition," Altmann said. At the top of the list: rice cereal, rice-based puffs, rice-based snacks and rice rusks or teething biscuits. There are also better choices for toddler snacks than rice puffs or even the ubitiquous round cereal so frequently given as a finger food, she added, which also showed up on the Healthy Babies neurotoxic list. Some voluntary changes by manufacturers have already helped. 14 of the 30 tested fruit and fruit-vegetable purees contained excessive levels of Cadmium, especially when Carrots were added. The tested Animal Crackers are very difficult to find. Now let's consider baby cereals: non-rice based. Correction: A previous version of this story misidentified the name of Healthy Babies Bright Futures on several references. "Children are more likely to be willing to taste a new food if they see another human being tasting that new food," she said. "We're recommending other snacks like apples and bananas, cheese, grapes, peaches and yogurt," Houlihan said. That doesn't mean homemade baby food isn't an excellent way to control pesticides and other contaminants, said Altmann, as long as you prepare a variety of foods. "This is cause for concern but not alarm," Houlihan said. Many people believe that going organic is a fix to much of the chemical contamination of our food supply. Instead of pressuring your child, continue to cook meals that you enjoy and include one or two items the child likes. But instead of eliminating carrots and sweet potatoes, which are excellent sources of key vitamins and minerals, Houlihan suggests parents serve them less frequently and take extra care to peel them carefully. The results of the study were alarming, and we review them below. All 7 of the tested rice cereals contained high Arsenic levels exceeding the HBBF limit of 25ppb (parts per billion).


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