Must be a registered pharmacy technician in the state of Arkansas 2. *. h޴S�j�@|�{����H��*�(hADbzHK�Ir���KBc5�H�+��lvgv� @�������|W�U�K%�gsi�ď��-;�β��"ZץsS��27�o4��LvYnH 4��8�{7I\�BjR�8����'ЕC���5`- ���%j��jV�<1n�g�c�����m�1��1]◧���C��64P����s�C��l]�g�~팧�1q�KDu$b$�_�x"T$y�P���� Hw�1";��e��Z^���2�R&@/� p�l��=b�f�5{��u��KA��z5�����ք �a4��L2����N ���>LR�s���^�o �h>� ��r� Is a Pharmacy Technician registration required? endstream endobj 5282 0 obj <>stream 1. What are the Pharmacy Technician Licensure Requirements in Arkansas? 142 Pharmacy Technician jobs available in Arkansas on h�264S0P���w�/�+Q����L)�65�� You must possess a … h�25��T0P0540R03U���w�/�+Q0���L)�662 �)BH0'V? Walgreens Pharmacy #4017 8521 Highway 107 Sherwood, AR 72120 (501)833-2603. Phone: 501.682.0190 Fax: 501.682.0195 h�4��J�@�_%G=e~z&XB\��w�|uIWWwU�@���u�]? Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy 322 South Main Street Suite 600 Little Rock, AR 72201. endstream endobj 5280 0 obj <>stream Contact Us | Google Map Scholarship Application form 2. Must be of good moral character 3. I am currently employed in a pharmacy and awaiting a pharmacy technician registration before I can start endstream endobj 5283 0 obj <>stream The following are the minimum requirements for registering: 1. Sherwood, AR Pharmacy Technician Training Programs: St Vincents N Rehab Hosp Phcy 2201 Wildwood Ave Sherwood, AR 72120 (501)834-6636. Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy 322 South Main Street Suite 600 Little Rock, AR 72201. Go to Pharmacy Technician Licenses )����!������vv k�5 �(������,H������ 0�`h�i�L �M�3K#��074&h:@� ��+� … endstream endobj 5281 0 obj <>stream h�l�M��0����K���X�~��-���xt�@HC����m�b��2�O endstream endobj 5284 0 obj <>stream $I�O� �⩀ٌ,��x��r���d+_���E�]{�V��s,&+����Z�hx,��6y����ҡ =���k-���R�Ё4l�{t�-._��ABcFvx���=��z��(sEg�jb�a}�Z�Uiz�->kR�,�h�ކ�;��ٲB����w7�? 5278 0 obj <>stream Must have worked as a pharmacy technician for at least one year 3. Home > Licensee Information > Forms and Instructions, Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy322 South Main StreetSuite 600Little Rock, AR 72201, Phone: 501.682.0190Fax:, | Accessibility | Privacy | Security | Acceptable Use. Contact Us | Google Map All Rights Reserved. hޔ�� Complete and pass a state and federal background check Apply to Pharmacy Technician and more! Springdale, AR Pharmacy Technician Training Programs: Harp’s Pharmacy #123 1007 Jones Rd Springdale, AR 72762 (479)361-1950. 2020 Arkansas Application for Pharmacy Technician Registration Revised December 2019 3 PART IV: EMPLOYMENT Check one of the following: I am currently not employed in a pharmacy and obtaining my pharmacy technician registration to apply for a job. Must have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent 2. Even if you do not get certified all candidates must get a work permit to be a pharmacy tech in Arkansas. Phone: 501.682.0190 Fax: 501.682.0195 ?��O��o�^���������z�.� Copyright ©2020 State of Arkansas. endstream endobj 5279 0 obj <>stream ?u��%nl��1vѧ��-]Ϸ��[�y���Vm�w�تO5������+�裡�_�^�/�;����yt�>���I�I~�y2��D�ɟ��^��M�#�?0���5W��k�2���w�,�A`@28'��@0�$��Q@�^�^���~��i�` �̚Q Change of Pharmacist in Charge Extension Form, Retail Pharmacy Application – Out of State, Supplier of Medical Equipment, Legend Devices, and Medical Gas (DME license), Wholesale Distributor of List I Chemicals, Pharmacist in Charge Compliance Affidavit, Criminal Background Check Identity Verification Form, Change Form (Name, Address, or Employment), Purple Book: Lists of Licensed Biological Products with Reference Product Exclusivity and Biosimilarity or Interchangeability Evaluations, Orange Book: Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations, Samples of protocols, authority to administer immunizations, and sample forms for immunizations/vaccines, Drug Categories for Emergency Kits in Long-Term Care Facilities, Drug Categories for Emergency Kits in Crisis Stabilization Units, Suggested Procedures When Buying or Selling a Pharmacy, Effects of New Federal Meth Act on Arkansas Pseudo Law. Yes, the State Board of Pharmacy in Arkansas requires Pharmacy Technician to obtain a registration certificate before working in a pharmacy. Pharmacy Technician Licenses Apply for a Pharmacy Technician license. ����Etѹ�x��~�. Must have never received a prior AAHP scholarship Necessary documents needed to complete the application 1. h޴WmO�8�+��K�����'��^�-\[��U|�5"J�Jv���8���[uU�~�g��')�"�Hm%(�%�@���h�8F�pHbm &������U�H��0 ���0�y$X#�q�j����•��,�^�#�)�\x} ��O�!-'{{ɰ�I���+:Gf���U7��f��!��qoo?9E'��$���j�-��U�mQO��_$�/U�wy2/���Jf�Y�PA7���~Y���}4�'�!#�u0����`���M2'-7����.�qr�P gh{�h�#FT %PDF-1.6 %���� The state’s application for pharmacy technician registration has a criminal background check included and all candidates must show evidence of their HS/GED education. �0�_%OЦI۵ ���AD6���E�A�M���I>�O#�������`!�ZW������u5N�~�'��֦E��No�^��|U���%k�E6��L^E�zRw�y���� ���qN��.�����n����]�2�U;u�y,��I>��,��z0 �Nu


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