82 Top Adjective Teaching Resources Explore more than 82 'Adjective' resources for teachers, parents, and students, as well as related resources on 'Adjective Powerpoint' Thousands of FREE teaching resources to download Pick The way it works is that students sit back to back. Adjectives To Describe a Character - Encourage your children to use adjectives to describe their characters with this lovely display poster! If you’re like most people, you probably use nouns and pronouns all the time in conversation. 1. In other words, they describe people, places, and things. Adjective clauses (relative clauses) are like "sentences inside sentences." The "job" of adjective clauses is to modify (describe, identify, make specific) the noun phrases that they follow. The article is arranged in terms of physical appearance, personalities and nationality. To help you understand what an adjective is, the simplest definition is as follows: Adjectives describe nouns. Using Adjective Clauses (#3): Types of Adjective Clauses More on Subject Pattern Clauses In addition to the general information that we've already seen, subject pattern adjective (relative) clauses have some 1. Reductions: Clauses Primary Resources - free worksheets, lesson plans and teaching ideas for primary and elementary teachers. #8 ESL Adjective Activity: Draw a Picture This is one of my favourite activities for units directly related to adjectives to describe people. A collection of adjectives that can be used to describe a person. Thoughtful – you look for ways to do nice things for people and you think before you speak/act to avoid causing upset. If you use these words to describe yourself, you’ll stand a better chance of landing a date and then transitioning to something more serious.


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