We are only concerned with the fundamentals of the Caged method at the … That’s it. Make sure to check out the video or tab for the correct fingerings. Included in the menu below are all 7 forms covered in the lesson. IMPROVE YOUR GUITAR SPEED BY AT LEAST 100%. The major scale, which is also known as the Ionian mode is constructed from a specific pattern of intervals. 3:40 #1 – 7 Position System. CAGED System: Guitar chords, scales, arpeggios, … At its most basic, the CAGED system enables you to play every kind of chord in every key along the entire fretboard. These posts will help you evaluate and improve how you work on scales in your practice routine, How to practice your scales and why – Positions. Diatonic Scale Pattern #2. Play through scale form 6 using the available material below. Notice the difference between chord shapes and chords. Each note in the major scale is also referred to as a scale degree (which is incredibly handy for analysis and transposition). Because each string is tuned differently across the guitar, navigating the major scale can become difficult when crossing from string to string. video called “Scales and positions”. If you need any suggestions for fingerings, watch the accompanying video. By now your becoming familiar with the idea of playing the same material on the guitar in different positions. This is a variation of the William Leavitt/Berklee system from Modern Method for Guitar, as it was taught to me. You can also download the chart as a pdf here: Maj7 arpeggios – 7 Positions/Berklee System, Jazz Blues – 3 Easy Techniques That Make You Sound Better, Triplets Can Make Your Jazz Solo Sound Amazing, How To Make One Arpeggio Into 25 Great Jazz Licks, Easy Way To Make Your Jazz Chords Sound More Interesting, Why This Is The Most Important Scale Exercise In Jazz. Regardless of key, the major scale can be looked at in terms of scale degrees represented as: 1(root) – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 1(root). Begin the 2nd scale form from the root note on the A-string. To get started you’ll play through the lowest possible scale form in C major first. G Major Scale 7 Pos System (3 NPS) POSITION 1 - PB Guitar Studios. Here is an overview of the Major scale in the key of C, using the 7 Positions/Berklee System. The C Major scale is: C – D – E – F – G – A – B So we would number them as such: 1=C, 2=D, 3=E, 4=F, 5=G, 6=A, 7=B You’re already probably beginning to see how easy this can be! It takes five notes to be a pentatonic scale, and it takes five chord shapes and a capo to understand the song “Here comes the sun” by George Harrison. By submitting your info, you agree to send it to Tom Hess Music Corporation who will process and use it according to their privacy policy. ENTER YOUR NAME AND EMAIL TO GET ACCESS. Dominant seventh chords contain four notes and are the same as ordinary major chords but with a flat 7th added. The second last scale form in C major takes place from the root of C on the Low-E string. Below is a chart of all 12 keys (including enharmonically equivalent F# and Gb major), which you can use as a reference for memorizing the major scales. But there is way more to the system that just chords. Practice Major Scales like this and you will get more out of it! pbguitarstudio.com. Practicing Scales and finding useful exercises If you want to … The 7 form major scale system demands that you keep your index and ring finger on the same two frets as you play across the fretboard to maintain the same hand position. The 7 form major scale system demands that you keep your index and ring finger on the same two frets as you play across the fretboard to maintain the same hand position. In the examples below, we’re going to take several chord progressions and apply the guitar number system to the chord positions formed by the CAGED system. The C major scale in scale form 5  always begins from the root note on the E-string. Diatonic Scale Pattern #6. Here’s a quick review on the theory behind the major scale before getting started. Views . 8:40 #3 The CAGED System. Because scale form 1 is at the lowest end of the guitar it requires the usage of open strings. Scale form 5 is incredibly finger friendly and will be one of the fastest scale shapes you’ll learn on the instrument. Diatonic Scale Pattern #3. Here is an overview of the Major scale in the key of C, using the 7 Positions/Berklee System. Each one of these positions can be played anywhere on the neck. The 4th scale form starts from the root of C in C major on the low-E string. Goto CAGED Part 1: The CAGED System Goto CAGED Part 2: The Major Scale. There are several different approaches you can take, but initially I prefer to go position by position so you’re not trying to learn too much at once. G Major Scale 7 Pos System (3 NPS) POSITION 1 - PB Guitar Studios . Not only does this lesson cover the 7 major scale forms, but at the end of the lesson you’ll find a collection … You can use the menu below to jump to a given scale form. This lesson is about "unboxing" the Major Scale by visualising seven positions. The next scale form you’ll cover is the 3rd scale form from the in C major. The diagrams below show the seventh chords based on the CAGED system. Continuing on, play through the 2nd scale form in C major. If the above sequence of intervals is applied to a root note of C, you’ll end up with the notes in the C major scale. However, the 3rd scale from takes a very different route across the fretboard. 3rd … Get your FREE 64-page Jazz guitar PDF and start learning now. 7 years ago . In this lesson you’ll examine and play through the 7 forms of the major scale on guitar. The intervals required to construct a major scale occur in the following order from the root note of the scale: Whole step – Whole step – Half step – Whole step – Whole step – Whole step – Half step, Half step = a distance of 1 fret on the guitar, Whole step = a distance of 2 frets on the guitar. Diatonic Scale Pattern #4. Since each position will have the range of at least one octave you will be able to find the lower and upper root of a chord form in the position. 5:30 Conservatory Technique and not learning 3NPS.


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